Palm Beach Etiquette


We love it when clients take the time to write to us!

Barbara Edler Dodson, Palm Beach County Library System

What a wonderful presentation for our teens this evening! Thank you Sherry! Your enthusiasm was contagious and made a positive impression on our patrons. We hope to see you again with the Palm Beach County Library System!

Violet Green, Broward Health, Guest Relations

The Corporate Training was a learning experience! Very informative and lots of energy. Lots of tips to apply in the work place. Thank you Sherry for a wonderful job!

Bernadette Comparato, Broward Health

Sherry is a strong speaker and gives a lot of helpful information. The information I received today will be very helpful on my job as well as in my personal life.

Jeannine Carr

Dear Sherry,

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed taking your etiquette course. Now she can gracefully introduce herself and stand with confidence. She put your advice into action during her middle school orientation and her teachers took notice. She especially enjoys practicing your tips and techniques with the entire family whenever we go out to eat. Your program is an eye-opening, life changer!

Delainey Casey

Makayla really enjoyed Ms. Thomas’s etiquette classes. She returned home from each class eager to share and put into practice what she had learned. This past week we traveled to visit family. The entire visit revolved around what she learned in class and she was so excited to share! When saying good-bye, her grandfather commented on how impressed he was and how he would always now think of Makayla when thinking of proper manners. Thank you!

Kaylan, Age 11

Dear Ms. Thomas,

Thank you for everything. I Love You so much. I am so thankful that I met you and thank you for taking my family to the wonderful restaurant. You are a good teacher and I love Etiquette. Thank you.

Susana Diaz

For so long, I was looking for lessons like this for my daughters! I was so pleased to find Ms. Thomas and her wonderful etiquette classes. This has been the beginning of a whole new way to teach manners to my children.

My daughter learned how to behave at the table, how to protect herself from strangers, and so much more.

We are definitely coming back for more classes and I will absolutely recommend these lessons to other friends and family members.

Rosa Feeney, Mother

You were wonderful with the kids!  Thank you.

Marsha Winters, Terre Haute, Indiana

The Palm Beach School of Etiquette (Ms. Sherry Thomas) has made such a difference in my daughter’s life. Kaylan learned the importance of being a leader and the value of leadership among her peers. Kaylan’s confidence has soared both in her schoolwork as well as in her extracurricular activities. Ms. Sherry is right – etiquette encompasses so much more than just table manners. As a matter of fact, we are on our second round with Ms. Sherry and since we moved from Florida, Kaylan is being coached over Skype. Her curriculum creates leaders and encourages them to become the best they can be. Much like we invest in a music lesson, or in Kaylan’s case, her riding lessons, so should we invest in equipping them with the Life Skills they need to get ahead. Too often this is overlooked! I encourage you to start your kids now, no matter what their ages. It is never too late!

Natalia C, Age 10

I gained lots of knowledge and the classes were interesting. Thank you Ms. Thomas.

Susanne M. Berman, Interim Executive Director, Schoolhouse Museum

Sherry Thomas and Palm Beach Etiquette brought class and professionalism to our first child modeling contest at the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum. Being new to the concept ourselves, we were grateful to have Ms. Thomas’ guidance in judging all the wonderful applicants for our Lily Pulitzer Modeling contest. Not only did she share her expertise in evaluating the children’s poise, politeness, and personality, she made the contest fun for the children, too! We are so appreciative for the support of Palm Beach Etiquette during our contest and eagerly look forward to working with Ms. Thomas again in the future.

Alanna Mickler, Age 13

I learned how to set a table, how to write a thank you note and give a speech.

Isabella, Age 9

Dear Ms. Thomas,

Thank you for the classes. I loved them and you are a nice teacher. I like learning with you especially the table manners.