Sports Etiquette

There are some simple rules that make our sports viewing more pleasurable if everyone would observe them.

1) Don’t stand directly in front of someone while they’re seated. If you must stand, look for open areas with no seating behind.

2) No badmouthing the opponent.

3) No cursing – there are kids all around.

4) Talking during some sports is prohibited such as tennis, golf ‘ one comment can throw a player’s game.

5) In bowling, look to your right and left. If there is someone lined up to bowl, step back and wait. Two balls being thrown simultaneously are distracting. There is a protocol to bowling.

6) Pick up your garbage. It’s okay to enjoy that hot dog and nachos – just pick up after yourself.

7) Be a good loser – shake your opponent’s hand at the end, even if you’re on the losing end.

8) Yelling at the ref or umpire solves nothing – in fact, it might just anger him/her to the point of taking it out on your team.

9) Losing your temper over a game is not setting a good example and it doesn’t put more points on the board. Remember, it�s just a game. Life goes on.