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For all your Business and Personal Etiquette needs.

We work with Corporations, Athletes, Universities, Schools, Health Care Systems, Museums, Hotels, Spas, Chambers of Commerce, you name it.


Business Etiquette Boot Camps
Personal Etiquette
Public Speaking
Trial Preparation
Interview Preparation
Litigator Coaching
Pageant Coaching


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Business Etiquette

From Fortune 500 to the neighborhood bank, we provide Corporate Training and Business Etiquette Boot Camps.

  • Hospital Systems
  • Athletic Leagues
  • Universities
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Hair Salons
  • Spas
  • Banks
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers

Corporations and Organizations of all types! No company is exempt!

Client relationships depend on PPPC . . .Personality, Professionalism, Presentation and Credibility.

We gingerly analyze you and your employees from the moment you enter the room.

Your posture, your handshake, the articulation of your voice, the placement of your name tag, your steady and interested eye gaze – all feed into how seriously you’re taken and yes, all factor into “moving up the corporate ladder”.

What about that all important presentation to your shareholders? (You have a few moments to make a convincing argument. It’s do or die sometimes.)

The positive manner in which you handle email, speak on the telephone, manage dissension within your department, can all be learned tools – skills that enable you to more effectively mobilize your team.

Wanna know a secret?
Many CEO’s and Managers use a business lunch as a testing ground! We’ll tell you how!

Our coaching boosts confidence. Confidence = Respect, Respect = Power!

Is company gossip bringing down an entire department? How about those shining star employees? Are they being acknowledged with faithful positive reinforcement? Does your business card reflect who you are and send the right message?

One wrong action could cost you a client or customer.
One right approach could seal the deal. Why risk it?

If you elect, we can even incorporate video into our training to show you the “befores” and “afters”. It’s interesting to see ourselves the way the rest of the world does. Eye opening!

What message are you sending? What is your Corporate Image?

Arm your executives and employees with all they need to know to leave the most favorable impression!

Topics Covered

  • Appropriate Corporate Attire
  • Name Tags and Handshakes
  • How to Meet and Greet
  • How To Interview
  • The Art of Small Talk
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Executive Etiquette
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Office Gossip
  • The Professional Handshake
  • Corporate Thank Yous
  • The Art of Introductions
  • Corporate Dress Code
  • What To Look For When Interviewing
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Working a Room
  • Knowing Your Client . . . and more.
  • Email Etiquette
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Working As a Team
  • Posture and Eye Contact
  • Proper Business Cards
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Proper Corporate Thank Yous
  • Public Speaking

Join us for: Executive Dinetiquette SM
(Di – Nét – Uh – Kette) 

There is nothing nicer than treating your clients with class. Refinement and proper protocol speak volumes. Your company image is important. We can help!

Join us for an Executive Seven Course Business Lunch or Dinner complete with Intermezzo, Wine List, and Finger Bowls! We eat our way through it all while learning. We can arrange it with one of our partner restaurants or we’ll come to you.

Tipping methods and practices included!

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Ghost Reviews

What are Ghost Reviews?

We’re big on Customer Service. There is no reason why a customer should feel anything less than special, cared for, and appreciated.

They are the very foundation of any business – customer service and client relations. We believe that many things, good and not so pleasant, go on when you, the manager or owner are not present.

  • Did the hostess take 3 seconds to acknowledge the customer?
  • Are the paper towels being refilled at the gym in a timely manner? There are health concerns if not!
  • Is your sales rep spending more time texting than selling?
  • Are emails being returned in a timely fashion?
  • Customer conflict resolution – how is it being handled?
  • The meal that came out cold – was this situation turned around to where the customer left happy?
  • Was direct eye contact made with the client?
  • Were exchanges and returns done in a timely fashion?

While there are wonderful employees out there who cherish their work and have the best intentions when it comes to a client or customer, let’s be honest, stellar customer service is hard to find and common courtesies can make or break a sale.

We will visit your business and rate your employees on every aspect of customer service!

  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Fitness Centers
  • Doctors – Front Desk
  • Banks
  • Spas
  • Hair Salons

At the end, you receive an objective report of all aspects of service from the frontline to the back end.

Fee + required purchase expenses and any travel fees (depending on distance.) Contact us for prices!

litigator coaching

Witness and Trial Preparation, Litigator Coaching

As every trial lawyer knows, the truth is often not enough. Unfortunately, juries don’t always reward truthfulness as much as they reward persuasiveness and believability.

Many of your clients have never been deposed.

Some have never even stepped inside a courtroom!

Many are not aware that they have nervous gestures (looking away, tapping their fingers, biting their lips, blinking incessantly) that make them seem unpersuasive.

We can help your clients prepare to testify at trial or in deposition!

We can assist you, the attorney, in becoming a more effective litigator by learning how to convincingly make your argument, speak articulately, and have the jury’s undivided attention!

Using many of the same techniques we use to help actors prepare for stage and television, we videotape you or your client to show the ‘before’ and ‘after’ and teach you or your client how to tell his story comfortably and credibly.

We focus on body language, gestures, eye contact, speech inflection, tone, posture, make-up, hairstyle and appropriate attire.

Don’t let your client lose out on his/her best chance at justice!

With a little witness or trial preparation coaching, your client or you, the attorney, can become more confident and portray that to the judge and jury.

Public Speaking/Speech Prep

Public Speaking/Speech Prep

There is an art to capturing and holding your audience’s attention! Every gesture, every movement factors into how you will be received as an orator. Captivate and wow your audience! We’ll show you how!

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Interviewing Skills, Résumés

We know the secret questions that most interviewers ask. We know what they’re looking for in the way of poise under pressure, eye contact, professional attire. Let us make you shine!

children's etiquette

Children’s Etiquette

All the academics and dance classes and music classes in the world don’t matter if your child has no Presentation and Polish with a sound command of Etiquette!

teen and adult etiquette

Teen and Adult Etiquette

The teen years – a very vulnerable time. We discuss peer pressure, dating etiquette, computer/social media savvy among many other topics. Adults, it is never too late to learn. We ensure confidentiality.

Pageant Coaching

Pageant Coaching

Whether it’s your first pageant or you’re a seasoned pageant competitor, you will need intense preparation for the interview segment, your platform research, and your all-around poise and grace under fire.

etiquette for Recent Graduates

Recent Graduates

Congratulations! You just received your diploma. What a wonderful accomplishment. Now what? Are you prepared for your job interviews? Do you have a handle on your interviewing skills?

drama coaching palm beach county

Drama Coaching

Sherry has auditioned for just about everything. She has appeared on stage and television. She stresses natural, conversational delivery with each area of acting covered – commercials, soaps, film, voice-overs.

dining etiquette

Table Manners

Many an uncomfortable moment has sent us squirming in a formal restaurant, staring down at a sea of flatware and crystal, not knowing where to begin. Shock and embarrassment set in.

image consulting

Image Coaching/Media Coaching

From the time you enter a room, you have approximately seven seconds to make (what may turn out to be) a lasting impression!


International Protocol

What one country views as acceptable behavior may be insulting to another!

Etiquette varies around the world. We train Yacht Stewards, Flight Attendants, Corporations, Executives, Socialites, Individuals who travel extensively, and anyone who would like to expand their knowledge of protocol beyond the domestic boundaries of the United States.

For example, did you know that burping is acceptable in some countries? It’s quite the compliment, actually.

  • Why should you avoid giving white flowers as a gift in some countries?
  • How does tipping vary?
  • Late or early for a meeting? Which is it?
  • Shake hands or not?
  • In South America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and other smaller principalities, culture varies, sometimes dramatically, from country to country.

The Palm Beach School of Etiquette has an entire series of courses designed to enlighten you about other cultures, customs and acceptable protocol.

Avoid costly mistakes that may result in lost business opportunities or could lead to family rifts, dishonor, and broken relationships.

You give us the country and we’ll train you on what to expect and how to honor that country’s traditions and protocol.