Who doesn’t love spaghetti? It’s a traditional favorite for young and old alike! But . . . some of us make such a
mess with the slipping and sliding and the whirling and twirling that by the time we’ve had our first bite, a native
Italian has finished half his meal!

Try to master your pasta twirling without the assistance of a spoon. Here’s how you do it:                                               

With the tines of your fork, grab only about 2-3 strands of pasta and pull it high above the bowl to separate it
from the rest of the noodles. (You can make this a real impressive Italian motion. Give it attitude – maybe even
murmur a few native phrases.)

Press the fork against the side of the pasta bowl and twirl. Magnifico! A heaping fork full of pasta has emerged ready
for your dining pleasure.

So . . . long high impressive reach with good extension, a few Italian words, twirl, eat.
Italian motion with fork up high, down, low twirl. You get the idea!

Mangia and buon appetito!