As a result of H1N1 fears, a new type of etiquette is getting a lot of attention. Gone are the days where there was a heavy emphasis by etiquette experts and educators to teach children to cover their mouths with their hands while coughing or sneezing, secure a tissue, and try to wash those potentially contaminated hands as quickly as possible.

A new generation of etiquette has emerged and it’s called cough, sneeze or flu etiquette. Children are taught to sneeze or cough into the elbow, thus preventing the spewing of various virus particles into the air, risking contamination to all. This makes sense and addresses the situation immediately.

Antibacterial sanitizers are flying off the shelves these days and schools are contributing to their profits. In classrooms throughout the country, children are encouraged to wash as frequently as possible and use sanitizers in between the washroom visits.

As painful as it is to see years of etiquette turned upside down, this is a no nonsense practical approach. Our school systems are to be commended for becoming creative solution seekers.