Etiquette can play a major factor in how we select our mates. It may provide a glimpse into how a person will treat us in a relationship.

How do they act with the service staff? If you witness rudeness or a superior attitude being exhibited to those in the service industry, that’s a clue.

Many of us have seen the little temper tantrum being thrown by a patron of a restaurant or business, but do you pay attention to that when choosing a mate?

Does your significant other address your parents in a respectful manner? Do they offer to run errands for others or show up with a little bouquet of flowers as an advanced thank you for the evening meal to come from you or from your friends? How about opening doors and offering to clean up? Do you notice a kind gesture, say in the supermarket or parking lot, where someone might be struggling and need an extra hand? Do they offer that assistance? Do they call when they’re running a little late?

These are positive signs that a person is considerate and courteous and either has been taught or has acquired the ability to pay attention to detail. While not foolproof, these gestures go a long way in a marriage.

We all look for things that set our love interests apart and so do our parents. A parent’s desire is for his or her child to meet someone who is kind, polished, and considerate. Something that is definitely noticeable is manners. The thought process is: if you respect the parents, you will very likely respect their kids. While this may not always hold true, as parents, out of love for our children, we feel more comfortable when certain behaviors are exhibited. And kids, you instantly give your parents far less ammunition when you carefully choose your dates and relationships.

The way your partner interacts with your parents is very telling.

When selecting a potential lifelong mate, it is your job, the one pursuing or contemplating this serious relationship, to key in on certain nuances. Observing someone in a multitude of situations is one of the best ways to determine, over time, if this partner will likely bring these same qualities into a marriage.

It may be a good indicator of how they will approach your marriage and interact with you and your future children.