• Walk slowly around beach guests in order to avoid kicking sand.
  • Be mindful of beachgoers who arrived early to secure the perfect beach spot. A monstrous umbrella, tall beach lounger or chair should not obstruct their views.
  • Respect personal distance. Leave ample space, at least ten feet, if possible, between you and others.
  • Choose a spot that doesn’t interfere with an already sleeping beach guest.
  • If kids bother you, opt for an area away from them. Respect the fact that families come to beach to allow kids tiny freedoms such as digging holes, building sandcastles, flying kites, throwing balls.
  • Shake off sandy towels in the shallow water, away from others, or gently drag to the upper shore, and shake on your way out, always away from beachgoers.
  • Carry a bag for garbage. Clean up cigarette butts, beverage bottles, napkins, plastic wrappers– anything you’ve brought that doesn’t belong in the ocean!
  • If beachgoers are strangers, never ever photograph someone else’s child!
  • Keep boogie boards, surfboards, footballs, frisbees, kites, volleyballs, any beach games at a safe distance from others.
  • Observe beach signs.
  • Fill in any holes that you or your children dig, be them large or small. Beach holes are dangerous! They are dangerous on dry sand, but far more serious once the tide rolls in; holes cannot be seen beneath the water. An innocent bystander can fall, break a leg. Each year, emergency rooms at beach resorts fill because an unsuspecting beach visitor stumbled into a beach hole. An unfilled hole becomes a serious hazard to children (who can drown in just mere inches of water), the elderly, or anyone walking the beach. Leave the beach the way you found it. Please, please fill in any and all holes.
  • Supervise pets:
    If pets are allowed, keep them on a leash. Do not allow pets to wander over to other beach guests (unless requested by the guest), disrupt beach naps, interfere with privacy.
  • Supervise children:
    Caution children about kicking sand, running too close to guests, throwing balls. Some people go to the beach to relax and end up babysitting a stranger’s child. Know when your child has outstayed his/her welcome.
    Teach children to share beach toys, invite other kids to join in for beach play, and remind them to promptly return any toys a newfound friend has shared. Building a sandcastle is a great beach project and an instant friend maker. It makes for great teamwork, builds social skills, encourages sharing and imagination.
  • Music is fine, but not everyone wants to hear yours. They may have brought their own music. Be considerate and play music at a moderate level.
  • Do not feed the birds while others are around. Save this for your stroll when the beaches aren’t crowded. This creates a nuisance with bird droppings and scavenging, pestering beach guests for food.
  • And finally – be careful with nudity! Nude or topless sunbathing isn’t as readily acceptable in the United States as in other countries. Be mindful of each country’s customs.Enjoy your beach days while simultaneously being mindful of basic, easy, everyday beach etiquette!