Sherry Thomas Palm Beach EtiquetteSherry Thomas is a business and personal etiquette expert. She has appeared regularly on TV discussing etiquette, body language, interviewing skills, the art of presentation, and public speaking techniques. 

Sherry coined the phrases “Public Persona Optimization” SM and “Private Persona Optimization” SM and believes that by using certain techniques, one can change public perception and thus elevate image.

Sherry believes that even the shyest of us can raise our heads a little higher, walk a little taller, and feel better about ourselves by practicing “self.” Sherry says that small tweaks can make a huge difference in how we’re perceived, and that the ripple effect is tremendous as perception truly becomes reality. A perception that someone is honest, confident, knowledgeable, and truly interested, increases visibility and noticeability, and can pay off in terms of clientele (in volume and quality,) moving up the corporate ladder, securing major contracts, and winning awards. Positive perception directly affects company sales, and personal income. The bottom line? Dollars!

Sherry writes about the “It Factor” and the “Seven Second Impression” and how tricky it is to change that impression once it’s been formed (seventeen times, if you’re curious.) Ensuring that you get it right the first time is crucial!

Sherry believes that God comes first, then family, then good manners. When she isn’t busy coaching or conducting her business etiquette boot camps, she can be found dancing in her car while stopped at red lights.

Clients include: CEO’s, celebrities, athletes (think major contracts), attorneys, litigators, attorney clients for trial preparation, private equity firms, sales forces, banks, restaurants (it begins at the front of the house), universities (job interviews, career development), health professionals, technical colleges, and most any arena where corporate or personal image is prized.

“Dance until your shoes wear out. Then buy a new pair and start again!”
~Sherry Thomas